DNA sequence alignments

Diederik van Tuinen tuinen at epoisses.inra.fr
Wed Dec 3 02:44:02 EST 1997

In article
<Pine.OSF.3.96.971202165640.6815A-100000 at saul6.u.washington.edu>, "N.
Linford" <nantzee at u.washington.edu> wrote:

> does anyone know of a program which would draw boxes around the DNA
> segments coding for protein domains in sequence alignments? 
> It is quite a pain to transfer the seqences and edit them by hand.
> thanks!
> Nancy

The program SeqVu always to align manually sequences (DNA/PROT) and draws
boxes around homologous residues. It is a shareware program alvailable on
many FTP sites, or you can contact the author 
j.gardner at garvan.unsw.edu.au. It works fine, but sometime you can have some
problems in reopening a old file.

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