Hardware question: Cheap reliable cooling block... Suggestions?

Susan Jane Hogarth sjhogart at unity.ncsu.edu
Thu Dec 4 21:57:48 EST 1997

Max Soegaard (teit at biobase.dk) wrote:
: Dear netters.
: I am posing this boring hardware question because I am sure there must
: be manufacturers of cheap, dry, possibly peltier-driven, cooling blocks
: for eppendorf tubes, and that I just havent got the right catalogues.
: Does anyone have any suggestion as to supplier?..
Hardware questions aren't boring! :-)

My husband is working on establishing a business in laboratory hardware, 
and this was one of the first items he's considered 
designing/making/selling - actually a heat block, but with Peltier, you 
get both! It'd be great for ligations. He does the design, the machining, 
and the electronics - and does beautiful work (somewhat biased opinion, 
of course - but true, nevertheless!).

At any rate, if you are interested, please write me and we can talk about 
designing *exactly* what you want - at a far more reasonable price than 
the resellers, I daresay.

Any other takers? He also does specialty electronics/software.
Susan (who *does* have affiliations with the company ;-) 
To stay up all night adds a day to your life - FH

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