2D gel electrophoresis equipment

Arnoud van Vliet arnoud at vanvliet.u-net.com
Thu Dec 4 19:03:26 EST 1997

Dear Hayley,

we've got the Pharmacia Multiphor II system in our lab. So far we're
happy with it's performance. Myself I've been comparing gels of
wildtype/mutant bacteria grown under different conditions and the gels
(4) are quite well comparable. I must add that we use the gels and all
components Pharmacia sells; they're not cheap (second dimension £40

Hope this helps

>-- Hello there.
>We're going to be starting on some 2D gel work and will be buying in the
>equipment in from scratch.  I have no idea who sells the
>best/easiest/most reproducible set up.  I've seen the Pharmacia kit in
>action and it looks good.  Is this a good system to go with or does
>anyone have any other sources?  If so could you please e-mail me at
>Hayley_C_Cordingley at sbphrd.com
>Thanks in advance.
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