Hardware question: Cheap reliable cooling block... Suggestions?

Jay Miller jhmiller at helix.nih.gov
Fri Dec 5 09:20:58 EST 1997

OOPS, sorry, I didn't read your question right.  Now that my response has been
printed, I see that you asked about *COOLING* blocks.  The one I was referring
to is a heating block.

In <666cn9$8p8$1 at light.nih.gov>, jhmiller at helix.nih.gov  (Jay Miller) writes:
>Check out:
>Laboratory Supplies Co., Inc.
>29 Jefry lane
>Hicksville,NY 11801
>They sell a block for ~US$226 (as of 6/96).  It has 40 holes, but they can make
>special blocks to order.
>In <34869831.534F at biobase.dk>, Max Soegaard <teit at biobase.dk> writes:
>>Dear netters.
>>I am posing this boring hardware question because I am sure there must
>>be manufacturers of cheap, dry, possibly peltier-driven, cooling blocks
>>for eppendorf tubes, and that I just havent got the right catalogues.
>>Does anyone have any suggestion as to supplier?..
>>Max Soegaard,
>>Inst. of struct. and mol. biol.
>>Aarhus University.
>>email: tmms at mbio.aau.dk

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