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> Hi, there
> I am a MBA student working on a marketing strategy project for RNA.
> Technically, it is hard for me to understand biological research. but
> from the stand point of marketing, I would like to collect some
> data/information related marketing, such as product life cycle, pricing,
> or future of RNA. Does anyone knows where I can get these information.
> Please send me e-mail at 
> ichang at
> Thank you further for your help !!   
> Jimmy Chang

Product life cycle: as long as you're alive, your body will be
manufacturing RNA.

Pricing: not too expensive, until you throw in the price for tRNA's,
they're in a union, and they don't work for cheap. Those big
polymerases are expensive too.

Future of RNA: I'd say it'll be around for two to three more years,
tops. Then some new fad will take over, like lipids or polysaccharides.

Most importantly, if you're selling RNA, don't get anywhere near
somebody who is not RNase-free. Your product inventory will disappear
before you can even say "Northern."

Bob Mihalek             University of Pittsburgh
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