Who sells Oakridge tubes?

Ian A. York iayork at panix.com
Mon Dec 8 10:42:33 EST 1997

Maybe I'm looking under the wrong name, or something.

Here's what I want: A centrifuge tube, compatible with a Ti70.1 rotor,
with a cap, than can be spun at say 60,000 g (that would be around 25,000
RPM) without being completely filled. 

I see several things that are close to, but not exactly, this, but we had
them in a previous lab.  (Actually they were for a Ti50.1 rotor, as I
recall, but I don't want to have to buy a whole new rotor for what should
be a fairly simple requirement.) 

The cap is important because this is for hot work and I don't want to
contaminate the machine (or rotor) more than I can help.  The volume is
important because I don't want to dilute my sample 10-fold. The speed is
important because at lower speeds I'm not getting good clearing of my

There must be something out there.  Anyone know what I should get?

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