2D gel electrophoresis equipment

s.pritchard mmd280 at sysa.abdn.ac.uk
Mon Dec 8 04:52:18 EST 1997

Hayley_C_Cordingley (Hayley_C_Cordingley at sbphrd.com) wrote:
: -- Hello there.
: We're going to be starting on some 2D gel work and will be buying in the
: equipment in from scratch.  I have no idea who sells the
: best/easiest/most reproducible set up.  I've seen the Pharmacia kit in
: action and it looks good.  Is this a good system to go with or does
: anyone have any other sources?  If so could you please e-mail me at
: Hayley_C_Cordingley at sbphrd.com

: Thanks in advance.

I always used the Biorad rigs and they were excellent.

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