Screening for lysozyme

Jamie newbold postmaster at
Tue Dec 9 04:40:46 EST 1997


I wonder if someone could help us.  We are studying bacterial cell
breakdown in rumen ciliate protozoa (in particular Polyplastron
multivesiculatum and Entodinia caudatum).  As part of this we are trying to
isolate protozoal lysozymes.  This is a slow process due to the difficulty
of culturing these organisms, we have to isolate them daily from the rumen
of sheep monofauated with single protozoal cultures. However in another
area of our work we have managed to produce active cDNA libaries in lambda
from these ciliates. Can anyone help us with methods to screen these
libaries for  lysozyme activity. We are particularly thinking of probing
using heterologous probes or possible antibodies. Does anyone have lysozyme
DNA/RNA or antibodies of which they could spare us a small amount. Or is
there an another more obvious method.

thank you

Jamie Newbold
Rowett Research Institute
Aberdeen, Scotland
AB21 9SB
cjn at

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