Year 2000

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Wed Dec 10 13:26:50 EST 1997

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chriso at (Chris Odt) wrote:
> validated as to its viablitiy after Jan 1st, 2000.  But what about
> specific instruments that could have chips that are date sensitive?  Any
> ideas?
The chips do not have the year 2K problem.  It is the software.  If your
app runs under DOS or 3.11 and it  time stamps then you may/probably have
a problem.  I gues one could look at the source code if it could be
All in All the year 2K problem is the result of stupid managers running
"mom and pop" developed software (the only exception is COBOL which is a
lang. that scientists rarely if ever used).  Main frames generally do not
have that problem because they are unix/vms based and the system runs the
clock. The MacOS,W95, and NT do not have the problem either because they
splurged and alotted a nother digit to the Date field.  Dos and 3.11 is
where most of the offending software will be found.


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