Wolfgang - Bermuda quality sequences

Garnet Suck +49-0451-500-4110 [Uni] SUCK at molbio.mu-luebeck.de
Thu Dec 11 06:32:17 EST 1997


reading your protocol I am really fascinated and so I will try it 
immediatly. To Test how it works: do you agree, that the genome of 
animals from the yet extincted (but there are some animals avaiable 
in the musees...) Rhinogradentia???? ;-)!!! will be a rather good 
template!!!!???? I ordered yet some DNA-samples of Nasobema lyricum, 
but with this protocol it will be possible to get the hole sequence 
information of this fascinating animal group...So it will be possible 
to evaluate a new system of this beautiful animals and test the 
hypothesis that they are human ancestors....

Have a nice day,


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