Bermuda Quality Sequences

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Thu Dec 11 05:41:40 EST 1997

Hi Randy! Bermuda Quality Sequences are determined using the 
following protocol:

1) ask your colleague to figure out a number between 100 and 773. 
This number is n, the length of your sequence. You also may ask the 
whole staff of your institute and calculate the arithmetic average 
value of all numbers given.

2) take a tetraedic dice, write the letters A,C,G and T on it (if you 
don't have such a high sophisticated device, you instead can use a 
common cubic dice and label one plane with N and the other with "roll 
again". But note that cubic dice sequencing is not as good as 
tetraedic dice seqencing, since the cubic dice will not resolve one 
of five nucleotides!

3) roll the dice n-times and write down the letters carefully

4) in times of computational chemistry, the dice may be simulated by 
computer algorithms calculating the physical behavior of a dice (but 
not by (pseudo)random number generators, they are not accurate 

5) proof read the sequence by performing this procedure three 
times (that's good laboratory practice). Doing the experiment by two 
independend labs is highly recommended.

6) Sequence data determined by this method currently is accepted by

	a) The Journal of Irreproducible Results (published in Bermuda)
	b) The Gnomic Database
	c) The April 1st issues of Science, Nature, JBC and PNAS (yet to be
		decided by the editorial boards)

If you need a reference:

AU: Eulenspiegel, T and Marsupilami, W.S.
TI: A novel, cheap and funny way of determining genetic sequences
JO: Doing Research in Times of Limited Funding, Vol 1 (Dec 1997), 
	pp 183568-183571
CY: T=FCbingen
CP: Germany

happy sequencing!


> What is meant by "Bermuda Quality Sequences"?  What is the level of
> quality?  What is the origin of the term?  What data bases or
> organizations recognize this level of quality?
> Randy Morse
> rhmorse at
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