dspinella PCR Screening of transformants?

Garnet Suck +49-0451-500-4110 [Uni] SUCK at molbio.mu-luebeck.de
Fri Dec 12 06:37:10 EST 1997


maybe you read my answer a few days ago, that colony PCR works 
always fine with my clones, so here are more informations:

I tried it succesfully with: DH10B or DH5alpha cells, competent cells 
that were included in the pMOS-cloning-Kit and not further 
characterized, competent cells that were included in the PCRScript-
cloning KIt worked too in our lab, or even PCR directly 
on phage-mixtures (one to two microliters) containing MRF'-cells 
infected by phages. As vectors I used: pMos-blue, a T-overhang 
cloning vector for PCR products, PCRscript, similar but blunt-end 
ligation, pBluescript-sk+ and the lambda-zap vector from the cDNA 
library - it always worked! Using gene-specific-primers or vector-
directed primers, like T7, T3, U19 or self constructed vector primers.

Maybe this helps you.



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