Mnl I - non-palindromic rare-cutter?

Ian & Viive Howell ihowell at
Sat Dec 13 04:33:47 EST 1997

The enzyme Mnl I is used for one of our assays to detect a G-A
mutation by the loss of a restriction site.  The recognition sequence
for Mnl I is CCTC, so how could it detect a G-A mutation?  The NEB
"REBASE" site gives the recognition sequence only as CCTC, but I have
finally found 1 textbook reference to Mnl I recognising CCTC & GAGG.

My question is - (other than by trial and error) how and where can you
find out whether an enzyme will cut additional sequences?  Does
anybody know of other similarly acting enyzmes?

Viive Howell
Laboratory & Community Genetics
Kolling Institute of Medical Research
Royal North Shore Hospital

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