Baculo-minimal size

David L. Haviland, PhD dhavilan at IMM2.IMM.UTH.TMC.EDU
Sat Dec 13 15:10:10 EST 1997


I was curious of anyone's experience with baculoviral expression systems,
whether it be fused, his-tagged, linked to a signal peptide or otherwise
---   what is the smallest peptide succesfully expresssed???   My tech is
attempting to try a DNA fragment corresponding to a a peptide of all of 27
amino acids, and I have need of making a 84 aa peptide.

I understand with the first one, that a synthetic 20mer is likely the
better choice and we are doing that to "cover our bases" but he wanted to
give it a whirl.

Any thoughts appreciated,

David L. Haviland, PhD
Assistant Professor, Immunology
University of Texas, HSC - Houston
Institute of Molecular Medicine
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