EGFP fusion protein subcellular localisation?

Zhonglin Chai Zhonglin.Chai at
Tue Dec 16 02:33:49 EST 1997

Dear netters,

        I am attempting to determine the subcellular localisation of a
novel protein in mammalian cells (COS, HeLa, etc). I have cloned my cDNA in
frame with EGFP using Clontech's pEGFP-c1 vector. The transfected COS cells
were green extensively, but more concentrating on nucleus. The problem was
the wild type EGFP (without cDNA insert) localised to nucleus too, that
made it difficult to interprete the result. Where does EGFP or GFP usually
reside in COS and HeLa cells? What vector system is the best to use for the
localisation purpose? All the comments and suggestions are appreciated.

Yours Sincerely

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