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> Consider the process by which animals convert starch and O2 into 
>      CO2, H2O, and ATP. 
> 1.  Name and draw all metabolic intermediates in this process.

No problem.  1) ATP generated via in cytoplasm.
              2) ATP generated via chemical gradients in the mitocondria.
> 2.  Name all of the proteins and enzymes encountered.

This is a long list but easily constructed by breaking question 1 down.

> 3.  Describe the quaternary structure of each protein or enzyme 
> and describe the regulation of each.

Books are written on just one of those reactions.  Exactly how much time
do you have to take this exam?

> 4.  Indicate the tissue or cell type as well as subcellular 
> location for each of these enzymes.

Once agian books can be written on these subjects.  By the way, this
question is loaded because the regulation of ATP generartion is governed
by the fasting state of the organism.  For example if mammels/humans do
not eat for two days, they will generate ATP via Fat breakdown(very
inefficient) while if they go and eat a big meal(family style), they will
generate ATP from glycolysis.  Hormones(glucagon/insulin) secreted in one
organ are causing pathways else where in the body to become active. 

> 5.  Draw all enzyme mechanisms.

Relatively simple.  Most act by similar mechnisms.

> 6.  Justify the chemical logic behind each step in every mechanism.

NOW YOUR PROFESSOR HAS GONE TO FAR.  I guess he wants to have you play god
for a couple of hours.  :)

A good book that will address most of these questions is
General Physiology by Burn and Levy
Many med students nickname this book "BURN AND LEAVE IT" .  I found this
book to be a real keeper and great for a quick reference book

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