Bind Silane question

Bryan L. Ford fordb at
Thu Dec 18 14:02:06 EST 1997

jose manaligod wrote:
> I need to find some Bind Silane for running acrylamide gels which I will
> silver stain.  However, I can't find it in Sigma or Fisher.  Can anyone
> tell me the supplier I should contact for this.  Also if anyone has any
> other suggestions for increasing the adhesiveness of an acrylamide gel to
> a glass plate, I would welcome any advice.


I have not used "Bind Silane", but for gel adhesiveness I have had good
results using one or more of the the following, given in order of
increasing strength (follow any choice of steps with distilled water
rinse and ethanol wipe down, of course): 

1. 95% ethanol wipe down with Kimwipe or equivalent, dry with new
2. "Ajax" or other abrasive cleanser scrub down then 1 above
3. Acetone wipe down
4. Scrub with 10M NaOH (careful!) then 2 and/or 1 above
5. Concentrated alcoholic KOH scrub, then any or all of 3, 2 and 1 above

Perhaps needless to say, repetitions of any the above will be
increasingly effective. Be aware that the abrasive and strong alkali
treatments will tend to etch the glass surface slightly. Also, change
your gloves before the final ethanol step, so as to avoid redistributing
any silicone to the clean plate. I suspect that some gloves may have
silicone on them from the factory-- I have had no problem with Microflex
"evolution one". powderfree latex gloves in this regard.

Good Luck,

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