Primer Design

Natalie Bloch natalieB at
Tue Feb 4 02:26:31 EST 1997

Mirna Perez (mperez at FISIO.CINVESTAV.MX) wrote:
: Hi!

: I design an oligonucleotide for a PCR reaction, but I am not sure if its
: lenght is enough (14bp) to performance a reaction. The oligo contains
: 12G/C and 2A/T, and its Tm is high (80"C). Is it lenght good enough to
: do a PCR reaction?
: 			Thanks

: 			 Mirn

i am afraid it may not be long enough tobe really specific,
 unless the DNA template is so pure that you are sure there is
n  othing else to amplifye! A quick way to test your primers
 is to screen Genbank with them. Also I think it is better
 to have a G/C  content closer to 50%
Good luck. Let me know the result of the search through databank.

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