Phenol Protocol

Alexandre Noël anoel at
Mon Feb 3 08:03:35 EST 1997

pnh at (Paul N Hengen) wrote:

>I burned my hands once with phenol, and therefore will never again distill
>or extract large volumes of it. Be very careful if you do this and make
>sure you are using the correct tubes, especially if you decide to centrifuge
>to separate phases. Cleaning up a phenol spill in a centrifuge rotor is no
>fun, and if you leave any phenol in there without knowing it, you risk
>burning other people when they use it. 

If you spill phenol on yourself beside quickly washing with LOTS of
water, you can use PEG (8000 or 6000, don't know if there is much
difference in effect) solution to clean your skin and clothes. Little
spilling of phenol on the skin happened to me twice. First time I
immediately washed with water and still had some 1st degree burns and
some peeling. 2nd time I immediately used PEG solution (learned the
trick in between...), quite a lot to be sure, and had no sign of
burning at all. What people should know is that phenol is *really*
dangerous and that the toxicity of a phenol spill on you skin is in
direct relationship to the surface contaminated! When you clean a
phenol spill on your skin try not to spread the contaminated area:
phenol has more surface it can penetrate and you could be in *real*
Hope it helps.



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