Protein Labeling? Casein Kinase?

Phillip Robinson phrobins at
Mon Feb 3 08:00:07 EST 1997

> I have used Casein Kinase II to lable a protein from cytosol, and then
> was able to immunoprecipitate it, producing a nicely labled band. My
> protein has four CKII consensus sites (minimum D/E-X-X-S/T), with
> several other acidic residues in close proximity. Check if your protein
> has any CKII sites, and if so, CKII is commercially available (I use
> B-Mannhein), and should work well. I have no experience with CKI. E-mail
> if you need CKII rnx conditions.

Funny, my memory says that the acidic amino acids should be in the +3
position, not the -3.  In other words CKII consensus site minimum


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