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Tue Feb 4 05:07:51 EST 1997

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>> Can someone tell me if there is any image analysis shareware similar to
>> NIH Image that will run on the Microsoft Windows NT 4.0 Workstation
>> operating environment.

???NO???   YES there is!

There are at least three options. ImageTool is for NT and Windows 
95, and its available at IMHO
Image Tool is even better than NIH Image.

NIH Image for NT and Windows 95 is available at

KS Lite by Kontron Elektronik is for Win 3.11, Win 95 and NT, and 
available at This is also a very good choice.

The current NIH Image version doesn't support framegrabber with NT (it 
does with Win 95), but KS Lite (and also ImageTool?) support wide variety of 
frame grabbers and CCD cameras.

Regards, Juha Saharinen

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