Growth and transformation of XL1-Blue

Alexander N. Kukushkin kan at
Tue Feb 4 12:49:21 EST 1997

>   Hi,
>   I have XL1-blue cells and was wondering what the optimal conditions for
>   growth and high-efficiency transformation? Can they be grown in LB
>   medium containing 20mM magnesium sulphate and made competent using the
>   rubidium chloride procedure described in Promega's "Protocols and
>   Applications Guide"?
>   Many thanks,
>   Kevin Mulcahy.
>   ps: If you need me to write out the transformation procedure then let me
>   know and I'll post it to the list.
Recently I used XL1-blue cells for transformation. They were grown in
ordinary LB and transformed by usual CaCl2 procedure. The result was fine.

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