contamination of glycine by other amino acids ???

George Rutherford gruther at
Wed Feb 5 02:03:58 EST 1997

In article <32f7ba30.1096112 at news>, Vando006 at (Queen of
Molecular Biology) wrote:

> What is the  likelihood that Glycine is contaminated by other amino
> acids (eg glutamate or aspartate). I've talked to the technical people
> at Sigma and Gibco (where I obtained the samples). Both assured me
> that there is no contamination, yet my assay indicates otherwise. any
> comments or suggestions. Please e-mail or post.
> thanks,
> ksj at

Do you mean as in reagent-grade glycine? I'd think the likelihood low, but
you can check by HPLC if you have access to one (I just know that Duke has


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