How much DNA can be "crowded" into a solution?

Ludvig Mortberg lugmog96 at
Wed Feb 5 12:18:34 EST 1997

If I have a plasmid of molecular weight 10^6, what is the maximum
concentration a solution can hold of this molecule? 1 Mol/L would
indicate that 1000 kg would have to be solved in one L, which is
clearly absurd. 10^-3 Mol/L would mean that 1 kg plasmid would have to
solved in 1 L. Unrealistic? I don't know. Something in the range of
10^-4 - 10^-6 Mol/L sounds realistic, but this is just a guess.

Anybody know anything about this? Respond in E-mail and thread.

PS I would also like to know the average molecular weight of DNA. What
is the average molecular weight of a stretch of dsDNA of x



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