Na-acetate in RNA

Chris Patil cpatil at
Wed Feb 5 14:05:30 EST 1997

In article <5d759n$kn6 at>,
>I was doing an RNA prep, and instead of spinning down
>the precipitated RNA I dried it in the speedivac. 
>I am now left with a massive salt pellet.
>Could anyone suggest how to clean this up.

Speed-vacuuming RNA sounds dangerous in the first place. I just do an
ethanol precipitation with around 0.3M Na+ in the buffer, incubate at -20C
for half an hour and then spin, wash with 70% EtOH and drain the tubes
upside down onto a Kimwipe. The pellets are hard to dissolve, so I add 50
uL DEPC-H2O and incubate them on ice for half an hour or so before
pipetting up and down to dissolve them. 

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