bright specks in EtBr stained gels - out, damn'd spot!

Sam Michaelson sam.michaelson at
Thu Feb 6 11:56:37 EST 1997

Dear Netter Nutters

I've recently been having problems with very intense small bright spots 
showing up on agarose gels stained with EtBr.  I'm running 1.5% gels in 
TBE, and staining the gels in 0.5 ug/ml EtBr after the run.  I thought it 
might be dust or crud getting into the mix; I'm using mol.biol. grade 
agarose, and filtering the TBE carefully before use, although this hasn't 
completely removed the problem.  I'm trying to produce gels of a suitable 
quality to be photographed for a poster.  Has anyone else had this 
problem, and if so, how did you tackle it?

Sam Michaelson
bewildered biochemist now masquerading as molecular biologist

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