Methods for in vitro mutagenesis

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: >I am looking for a protocol for doing in vitro mutagenesis. I only need
: >to alter one base in the coding region of a gene but the problem I am
: >having is that all the methods Ihave been referred to are dependent on
: >unique restriction sites that flank the region you want to mutate.  I am
: >having a hard time finding unique sites.  Does anyone knopw of a
: >protocol where maybe I wouln't need unique sites?
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: >Thanks
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: >Kellie Lugenbeel

: Stratagene's QuikChange kit doesn't need you to change vectors
: and doesn't require such unique sites - all you need is that
: your construct contains DpnI sites in it somewhere.  I haven't
: tried the method yet but I intend to in the near future.
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I've had succes with Quickchange, its fast and easy (when things go right).
If you use it, introduce a RE site with your primers along with your
desired mutation. It will fascilitate the screening for positives, thus
the site does not have to be unique.

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