Receptor Ligand Blot

Pierre Hubert hubert at
Fri Feb 7 05:49:36 EST 1997

Simon Chan wrote:
> I am looking for methods where I can run a SDS-PAGE of a solubilized
> receptor preparation and to incubate the gel with the radioactive
> ligand, followed by autoradiography to reveal the receptor band. Can
> anyone point to me some good references or cookbook containing the
> protocols. Thank you.

Hi Simon,

	To my knowledge, the most recent review dealing with ligand-blotting is
	"Ligand blotting", A.K. Soutar & D.P. Wade in "Protein function : a
practical approach" ed. by T.E. Creighton, IRL Press at Oxford
University Press, Oxford, 1990, pp. 55-76.

	Be aware that although some receptors are kind enough to keep their
binding properties after electrophoresis and transfer, by far this is
not the general case. I've tried it with insulin receptors, without any

	Hope this helps, good luck.

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