sequencing signal dies after 100 bases?!

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Fri Feb 7 04:24:43 EST 1997


jfh <jfhess at> wrote:

 j> IF you determine that the plates are the problem,

It must be. We changed almost everything else we could think of and indeed, new
plates work just fine.

 j> I think you can revive them by soaking in NaOH.  I don't have any
 j> experience (directly) with automated sequencing but for the old
 j> fashioned, hand done system, old plates can be made "new" again by
 j> this soaking.

As far as i can see (without any experience with manual sequencing) the
automated way if in this respect just like the manual way.

I will give it a try. It's a simple and cheap solution. There's nothing to
loose and everything to win.

 j> Completely immerse both plates

That would destroy the sealing in the thermoplate but i can clean the surface
that comes in contact with the gel and the samples.

Thank for your help.

with regards, Jan Hoolwerf

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