Na-acetate in RNA

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Fri Feb 7 19:00:54 EST 1997

In <5dallq$12fp at>, cpatil at (Chris Patil) writes:
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>>I was doing an RNA prep, and instead of spinning down
>>the precipitated RNA I dried it in the speedivac. 
>>I am now left with a massive salt pellet.
>>Could anyone suggest how to clean this up.
1) Ahhh, lyophilization and EtOH ppt are mutually exclusive... if you've added any salt (or it was present initially), you'll need to EtOH ppt and spin.

2) If you use NH4-OAc (ammonium acetate) (>=0.5M) as the salt in the EtOH pptn , it will evaporate when you dry down the RNA. 

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