Silver Staining Reveals Contaminating Bands in Sample

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Sat Feb 8 06:41:07 EST 1997

Huang Ke-xue (khuang at CHEMVX.CHEM.TAMU.EDU) wrote:

| I am looking for a way to get rid of 2 contaminating bands in one
| of the reagents in SDS Page sample buffer. These bands are visible on
| silver stained gels. I would appreciate hearing from anyone who has     	               
| had a similar experience and has solved this problem. Email replies 
can be sent to klnelson at

See "Removal of artifactual bands associated wwith the presence of 
2-mercaptoethanol in Two-dimensional PAGE" Beis, A and Lazou,A. 
Analytical Biochem. 190, 57-59 (1990). This worked a treat for me.
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