Streptavidin and Biotin interactions

Diane Webster diane at PHYTON.OTAGO.AC.NZ
Sun Feb 9 18:25:35 EST 1997


I am currently using biotin labelled oligo(dT) to capture my 
polyA tail potyvirus in streptavidin coated tubes for RT-PCR 
(Boehringer Mannheim's mRNA capture kit).

I would like to know more about how streptavidin and biotin interact.
  Specifically do they dissociate when heated during PCR (94 C)? 
And does the oligo(dT) dissociate from the biotin label during PCR?

General related details on streptavidin and biotin would be useful

Thanks in advance


Diane at
Botany Department
University of Otago
PO Box 56
New Zealand 

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