ssDNA (M13) extract. with silica?

Pascal Mertens Pascal.Mertens at
Mon Feb 10 10:52:31 EST 1997

Hello molbio netters,

I've prepared silica particles and accompanying lysis and wash buffers
according to Boom et al (J Clin Microbiol 28, 495-503, 1990) and have
purified with success genom DNA from blood samples for PCR.
(you can also see this protocol in pp19-20 of the PCR applications manual
from Boehringer Mannheim).

I wonder if it's possible to use this silica milk to purify M13 ssDNA
directly from culture supernatant (or from PEG-precipitated virions) for
sequencing in place of the usual phenol-chloroform extraction?
Does somebody have a nice protocol for that? (or any idea how to proceed).

Many thanks in advance

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