Probing of an expression library with oligopeptides.

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> We are presently looking into the possibility of probing a lambda zap
> expression library with an oligo-peptide known to bind to specific
> receptor, namely Beta1 Integrin.  The oligo is RGD and is linked to
> biocytin via an SPC linker.  We will detect the probe using avidin
> conjugated to alkaline phosphotase.
> Therefore my questions are.
> 1. Is this feasible?
> 2. Has anyone tried to do this previously?
> 3. Will the expressed protein be presented to the peptide in the correct 
>    conformation?
> 4. Are there any alternatives to this procedure?
> Thanks
> Dave Clarke
> (dlc22 at

I haven't done it but I found recently this article which might be of
help: B. Margolis and R. A. Young: Sceening lambda expression libraries
with antibody and protein Probes in: DNA Cloning, Vol. 2, A Practical
Approach, DM Glover and BD Hames, eds, IRL Press, Oxford 1995.



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