mean stacking temp. algorithm

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> Hello to the Tm calculators :
> In 1990 Biotechniques vol.8 (6), pp. 674-678, R.A. McGraw et al. 
> presented a method for calculating the melting point of oligos based on 
> nearest-neighbor interactions of the bases.(Snip)

(tried to email this response but it kept bouncing back)
Hi Les,
If you find it will you pass it on to me please? I, too, like it but sure
don't like punching so many calculator keys.
For what it's worth, here's another pretty good one from Wu,,1991,
DNA and Cell Biol.,10:3,233-238:
T (anneal)=22+1.46(Ln), where Ln=effective length=2(G+C)+(A+T). It works
for me in the 15-22-mer range (haven't tried it with long primers), but I
like to use more than one method.

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