Oligos: Who is cheapest?

Dr. Michael T. MacDonell sendero at ix.netcom.com
Tue Feb 11 10:32:35 EST 1997

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>Who is the cheapest supplier of oligos these days?  We need small 
>scale, 40 nm, primarily for primers.  TIA!  Cindy, UNL

 Dear Cynthia:

The answer to what company is the cheapest seems to depend upon your needs. 
If you are doing large volumes of oligos, there are several companies that
will sell you oligos for as little as $0.65/base without a setup charge, for
40 nMol scale. A very good example of one of these is a company called
Biosynthesis.  If you are just in need of oligos at the rate of one or two
at a time, a company called The Great American Gene Company will sell them
to you for $0.85/base without a setup charge, for 40 nMol scale.  There are
a lot of other low prices, but most of them have strings attached to setup
charges, or a charge for deprotection (which should be considered a part of
synthesis), etc.  If you want their email addresses, the two companies I
listed above are at:

Biosynthesis - biosyn at onramp.net
The Great American Gene Company - geneco at ix.netcom.com

Also, a company called GeneMed (at genemed at ix.netcom.com) has oligos for
$0.89/base.  Check the last page of SCIENCE for about 4 issues and you will
pretty much see the rogue's gallery of oligo suppliers.

Best Regards!
Mike MacDonell, Ph.D.

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