Plant m-gfp5-ER (Haseloff)

Mark Cock Mark.Cock at
Wed Feb 12 12:07:45 EST 1997

I want to transform Nicotiana pumbaginifola protoplasts with m-gfp-5ER. 
Has any one transformed m-gfp5-ER in Nicotiana?  Is m-GFP5-ER stable
enough for the fluorometric estimation in extracts prepared from the
protoplasts or do I need to quantitate gfp in intact protoplasts. For a
fluorometric assay either in intact protoplasts or in the protoplast
extracts how can I avoid interference from chloroplasts?  m-gfp5-ER has
two excitation peaks at 400 and 473 nm and its emission peak is around
510nm (I would be grateful if someone tells me how much is it exactly).  
Please e-mail me to 
Ranjan.Swarup at

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