Smearing of PCR product

xudong huang xudong.huang at
Thu Feb 13 09:57:12 EST 1997

XIAO-MIN SU wrote:
> Hi,
> I would like some advice on a recent problem that I am facing. When I PCR
> out using template DNA, the products from a smear. My primers should
> amplify a 260bp band , but i am unable to see that band. A smear is
> present in the whole lane. I tried using all fresh reagents and this
> problem persists. My PCR conditions are 95 -1min, 55-30secs, 72-1min, 40
> cycles.I would very much appreciate any suggestions
> ShriHari
> kadkol at

It looks like a primer problem. You may have to check the orientations
of your primers. Hope it is of help.

Xudong Huang

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