LPS-free DNA

Sujeong Yun j303nih at dsmc.or.kr
Fri Feb 14 03:39:54 EST 1997

Thomas Adam wrote:
> Does anybody out there have a simple but efficient protocol to rid plasmid DNA of
> LPS contamination? Thank you . Thomas

Hi, Thomas
Quiagen plasmid prep is reported to reduce LPS contamination
    see	Ref. Human Gene Therapy 6:317-323(1995)
	     Bacterial LPS copurified with plasmid DNA : Implications for
Animal 		Models and Human Gene Therapy
	     Wicks et al.

DNA Etox reagent from Sterogene Bioseparations, Inc.(sterogene at aol.com)
removes endotoxin from DNA preparations.

Hope it helps.
						Sujeong Yun
						Dep. of Immunology
						Keimyung Univ. Medical School
						Taegu, Korea

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