Are there single letter codes for phosphoamino acids

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    Friedhoff at MPASMB.DESY.DE (Peter Friedhoff) wrote:

>I wonder wether there is a single letter code for phosphoamino acids.
>Any suggestions are welcome

We've not dealt with the phosphoamino acids (at least not in print),
but we have proposed symbols (three- and one-letter) for about twenty
post- and/or co-translationally modified amino acids (carboxy glu,
pyroGlu, hydroxy Pro/Lys, acetyl Lys, methylated Lys's, Met sulfoxide/sulfone, homoserine, cystine, glycosyl Ser/Thr, and oligosaccharide bound Asn).  These proposed codes make use of most of
the remaining "typewriter" symbols on the keyboard and were chosen to
be as logical/relevant as possible.  If you're curious, check out the reference:

     Black and Mould, "Development of Hydrophobicity Parameters to
     Analyze Proteins Which Bear Post- or Cotranslational Modifications"
     Anal. Biochem. 193: 72-82 (1991).

Also, we have these "webbized" these (and ask for your input and comment!) at:
(the 20 physiological amino acids)

(over 20 amino acid derivatives)

I hope this helps you a bit...

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