Matthew David Petroski MDPETROS at UCI.EDU
Sat Feb 15 14:41:48 EST 1997

I am looking for a suggestion as to how to remove SDS from protein samples 
containing sub-microgram amounts of a highly purified protein.  I am 
electroeluting protein samples from native polyacrylamide gels.  I need to 
concentrate the samples from about 1 ml down to about 20 ul.  I would rather not
precipitate this as the samples are quite dilute and the amount of loss is 
extremely high.  Also, I cannot omit SDS from the electroelution buffer as my 
protein does not seem to elute well without it.  I would like to somehow reduce 
the amount of SDS and subsequently lyophilize.

Would dialysis be effective?  I know that SDS forms micelles which I think would
be extremely difficult (and inefficient) to dialyze, but I have seen a 
publication which claims to have done this...

I have also seen detergent removal columns from several companies.  The problem 
with these, however, seems to be that they all seem to require concentrations of
greater than ug/ml or "severe losses will occur".

Suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

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