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Would you be so kind as to bring this note to the attention of anyone in
your department that might be interested (especially those involved in
the introductory courses)? Many thanks!

Announcing Kimball's Biology Pages on the web.

The URL is:

Kimball's Biology Pages consist of a list of topics, arranged
alphabetically, of biological terms. The terms are mostly from the areas
of molecular and cellular biology, although items dealing with
environmental and health questions are included as well.

Each item includes a definition, and many are linked to illustrated

The topics have been selected and written to be appropriate for a
biology student in the introductory college course.

While this site is still under construction (and will be indefinitely),
your students may find it worthwhile to examine it now. Some of the
topics now available include: the cell cycle, DNA replication, antigen
presentation, endocytosis, histocompatibility molecules, mitosis,
meiosis, protein kinesis, transcription, translation, mutations,
cellular respiration, photosynthesis, oncogenes, cytogenetics, protein
structure, radiation, recombinant DNA, selector genes, transgenic

I hope that you will inform your students of the existence of this site,
and I welcome any comments and suggestions that you or they may have.

Send them to: jkimball at


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