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Mon Feb 17 13:57:42 EST 1997

i used standard capo4 and my sv40 control was glowing! (luc construct)

if you enhance this with a glycerol shock (see maniatis/current protocols)

you can increase efficiency up to 10xfold over standard cap04 (especially if
you reduce culture volume during t/fection)



Steve Cohen (sbc4 at PO.CWRU.EDU) wrote:
: Fellow netters,

: I'm want to find which method of transfection results in the highest
: percentage of cells taking up DNA. I want to do a transient transfection,
: followed by a western. At present my western signal is very weak if present
: at all. I think this is due to only a small number of cells being
: transfected. I am presently using chicken embryo fibroblasts.

: Your thoughts on this would be helpful.

: Steve 

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