Pfu polymerase in PCR

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>I wouldn¹t be surprised if the
>sequence fidelity is also on a par with PFU alone (althugh I¹ve not
>tested this as I can¹t amplfify with Pfu alone !)

Results I have seen published with mixes using Taq and a proof-reading
enzyme all give around the same increase in fidelity ie approx 3 fold.
Figures for Pfu on its own versus Taq vary from 10 to 12 fold

I'd still like to know what accessory proteins Taq pol uses when
replicating the Thermus genome. With the poor error rates for Taq, it's
genome would be copied very inaccurately. Of course it may yet be that
Thermus has an E.coli like Pol III enzyme system for replication but
maybe we won't know this until the whole Thermus genome has been


The problem with being on the cutting edge is that you occasionally get 
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