Kozak concensus sequence

brett brett at BORCIM.WUSTL.EDU
Mon Feb 17 22:20:22 EST 1997

>Does anyone have information on a Kozak sequence, i.e., what IS IT? When is it
>necessary? and is it vector/gene specific? Any help appreciated! Kathy

I have the consensus as: gccrccATGg

where R = a purine,(but A is better than G). This is the most important site.
the last g is nice to have, but dispensible
ATG = initiator methionine (obviously, indespensible)
all other sites are less important, but do make up the consensus

So, apparently this is a sequence which tells the ribosome, "Start translation
here!", although a scanning ribosome can begin at any ATG it encounters. All the
highly expressed genes are wearing them these days, so I'd recommend outfitting
yours with one too. Note the NcoI site encompassing the ATG, making it a 
convenient way to pop in a gene (too bad NcoI is a capricious enzyme).

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