Transient transfection of Cos-7 (electroporation v DEAE dextran)

Rick Nicholson R.Nicholson at
Tue Feb 18 22:13:30 EST 1997

I am currently trying to work out the most efficient means of
transfecting COS-7 cells before I transfect them with an expression
library.  Although not yet optimised, I can say that LipofectAmine has
transfected about 70% of the cells with a beta-gal reporter tested 48
hours after start of transfection. 
I hope this helps.

> Hi,
> does anyone have any experience with transient transfection of Cos-7 
> cells? I have attempted a DEAE-dextran/chloroquine based procedure but 
> only succeeded in transfecting 20-30% of the cells with a ß-gal reporter 
> plasmid (tested 24 hours post transfection). Does anybody else succeed 
> in obtaining efficiencies much higher than this (say 50-70%)?
> Also, does anyone have any experience of using electroporation for the 
> transient transfection of Cos-7 cells? If so, could you please let me 
> know what electroporation conditions you use and what transfection 
> efficiencies you are able to obtain.
> Many thanks,
> Kevin Mulcahy

Richard C. Nicholson, BSc PhD
Senior Research Fellow
Centre for Immunology
St. Vincent's Hospital
Sydney, Australia 2010

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