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Huang Ke-xue khuang at CHEMVX.CHEM.TAMU.EDU
Wed Feb 19 16:39:15 EST 1997

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>Dear Huang
>HMS Beagle Sets Sail from
>HMS Beagle is a new science 'webzine' that will save you hours of web 
>searching.  It is free for all BioMedNet members. Experts select the most 
>important research items from journals, databases and the world's press, to 
>provide you with a daily digest of articles, reports, newsgroups, web sites 
>and links. You'll also find unique profiles, opinion pieces, online debates 
> - and reviews of books, software and web sites. Take a break with online 
>games and contests; and check out the reading room and the art gallery for 
>more great features.
>You can find HMS Beagle at - visit us today!
>Steve Lohn
>BioMedNet membership secretary
>PS  Forward this e-mail to your colleagues to inform them of this new free 

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