Reamplification pcr products after Ag-staining

John Watson watson_j at
Thu Feb 20 15:25:45 EST 1997

Michael Vork wrote:
> Hi there,
> Does anybody have experience with the re-amplification of PCR products which
> are cut out of a silver stained polyacrylamide gel. I have the impression that
> the silver present in the gel has a bad effect on the subsequent PCR
> re-amplification step. If you have any suggestions ......?

Is there some reason why you have to use silver-stained PAGE gels?  We often rePCR 
out of SeaPlaque GTG (for 750 bp or greater PCR products) and NuSeive GTG (for 
100-500 bp or so products) (both from FMC BioProducts -- no affiliation by the 
way) with very good, reproducible results.

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