DNA sequence comparision

Matthew L. Brown, Ph.D gemini3 at mindspring.com
Thu Feb 20 19:57:42 EST 1997

I use a program called Seqaid which is DOS based and does a good job on
homology searches between two sequences as well as looking for ORF's,
stop codons, translating, protein structure predictions, restriction
site analysis, etc. It is available for free(?, maybe shareware but I
think freeware). I'm not sure where I found it but know I got it by
doing a web search for it. Try that using the name "Seqaid". If you can
not find it, e-mail me and I will FTP the program to you. By the way I
like this program but recently posted a question about finding a windows
based program with similar features. If you hear of such a program
please let me know.

Good Luck,

Matt Brown, Ph.D.
Dept. of Medicine
Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham

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