Sequencing and sharkteeth

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Sun Feb 23 23:16:35 EST 1997

I use a couple of bulldozg clips...clamp them to the top of the gel after
inserting comb....3-4 spanning the whole gel...

you should see the crusty acrylamid that builds up after many years....

that takes skill!


Randy Willis (willis at wrote:
: Jørgen Stenvik wrote:
: > 
: > We have some trouble with leakage using sharkteeth combs for sequencing.

: Jorgen,

: We used to use rubber-insulated clamps in the middle of the glass plates
: to hold them together more tightly.  You can probably find them in a
: hardware store or anywhere that sells electrical supplies.  Once your
: sample has run into the gel, you can remove the clamps safely.

: Good luck

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